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We don't just serve BBQ. We are BBQ.

 We  love everything about BBQ. The food. The culture. The camaraderie. The  way it brings people together to have a good time. And the good it does  when it’s shared with the community. That’s why we take such pride in  making our BBQ the best it can be. And why we spread the spirit of BBQ  every chance we get

The BBQ Pits way of smokin' and servin' Southern BBQ.

 There are tons of different BBQ styles and techniques. And while we  appreciate ’em all, we have a certain way of doing things that’s given  our BBQ its signature flavor since 2001. We call it The Art of BBQ, 


 We know how to get catering done right. So, just sit back, relax, and  let our BBQ Pit Catering Team take care of things! We’ll help you  choose from our selection of award-winning BBQ and scrumptious sides to  make your party the best party yet. Don’t believe us? Well, maybe we’ll  just let our home-style BBQ sauces do the talking. So, get started with  our catering options 

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